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Auto-Sync & Selective Sync - Salesforce
Auto-Sync & Selective Sync - Salesforce
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Selective Sync - How to Use
Selective sync by full day
Auto Sync Media Files
Can I turn the Auto Chat Syncing on by default?
How does the auto chat syncing work?
The messages I sent on WhatsApp chat are being synced in Salesforce on someone else's name
What is the criteria to show chats in to Opportunity?
How are the chats stored in Salesforce?
Is there a place That I can see WhatsApp Data Base in SalesForce?
How to add Tuvis chats into Lightning Page Tab?
Where can I see WhatsApp messages synced on Salesforce?
How can I check some user's Auto Sync status?
How to sync files?
Is it possible to know when a user turn Chat Sync off?
If I lost my messages in WhatsApp, will it continue to be stored in SalesForce?
If someone deletes a WhatsApp conversation with an agent, does it influence, if at all, the data that flows into Salesforce?
Why is there a "?" sign on messages instead of a "V" sign?
Is the transfer of data from WhatsApp to Salesforce immediate, or is there any delay?
Is it possible to Auto-Sync all the users from an admin account instead of doing it one by one?
We understand that the proposal is to allow the users to use their own WhatsApp and to integrate such WhatsApp with Sales. Would an individual communicating with us through WhatsApp be aware that the communications are being captured in Salesforce?
Is it possible to "block" the Auto-Sync off from the front end of each user?
We understood that the company could receive a notification informing that the functionality is turned off, but is it possible to have this functionality always “on”, without letting the option with the employee to turn it off?
Is there any documentation of how it works, settings and any other info you consider relevant regarding Auto Sync.
Would be possible for an employee to turn off the functionality of copying messages to Salesforce?
Is it possible to delete auto-synced messages?
How does the Auto-Sync work?
Is there a way to delete WhatsApp messages in SalesForce?