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As an Admin, you can select which fields are displayed to all users when creating an Account, Activity, Case, Task, Contact, Event, Lead, and Person Account from the Tuvis panel.

Similarly, you can edit the record layout, in other words, which fields are shown to all users when users visualize Account, Activity, Case, Contact, Event, Lead, Opportunity, Person Account, and Task.

To set up the global layout:

  1. Go to "Tuvis Engage" inside Salesforce

  2. Click on "Tuvis Settings"

  3. Then, click on "Global layout"

  4. Then you will be able to select the layout type and add the fields

    As an Admin you can also allow your users to edit the global layout directly from the Tuvis panel, to allow or not allow this option you have to follow the steps above and click on the following field:

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