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The Support Service will be performed by TUVIS to the CONTRACTING PARTY with the purpose of providing technical assistance service and answering calls for any problems or defects that arise from the regular use of the TUVIS Software by the CONTRACTING PARTY.

Support for the Software is provided by TUVIS, under the terms and conditions contractually established between the CONTRACTING PARTY and TUVIS.


The Support Service will be provided remotely by TUVIS, such as via email or a support tool defined and made available by TUVIS

In order for the support service to be performed by TUVIS, the CONTRACTING PARTY must formalize its doubts, inconsistencies, problems and/or errors that may be detected in TUVIS’ Software by opening a ticket to be created via the available tool.


For the execution of the Software Support Service, the Parties have established a service level agreement, or SLA (Service Level Agreement), with reference to the following Criticality levels:


Characterizati on of the call

Time to first call response

Call resolution time


Problem that prevents the full operation or some essential functionality of the solution.

First response to call within 120 minutes.

Call resolution within 48 hours.


Tool usage problem.

First response to call within 120 minutes. Communication of the action plan within three business days.

Call resolution within 14 business days.

The resolution time will be counted from the generation of the service call protocol.

Since some of TUVIS’ products are relying on third party vendors, in some cases the fixing time might be longer. In these cases, TUVIS is committed to be transparent about the process and provide ETA when possible.

TUVIS’ Software Support Service is restricted to Key Users and will be provided from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The deadlines according to the criticalities refer to working hours, and the time count must be interrupted at the end of each business day and restarted at the beginning of each subsequent business day.

A business day is therefore considered to be one that is not a Saturday, Sunday or a federal holiday in Brazil.

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