Salesforce - User Deactivation

Admins can set an automated user deactivation to deactivate users from Tuvis who are inactive in Salesforce.

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  1. Log In to your Salesforce account

  2. Click the App Launcher and select 'Tuvis Engage', then click on 'Tuvis Settings' and 'Users Deactivation'.

  3. When setting the automated user deactivation you can choose an interval:

(Every 1 hour)
(Every 6 hours) Runs every day at 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM
(Every 12 hours) Runs every day at 12AM, 12PM
(Every 24 hours) Runs every day at 12AM
(Every 2 days) Runs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12AM
(Every 7 days) runs every Sunday at 12AM

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