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If your executive is creating a Lead or a Case and the owner of the record is filled in with a different user than the one who created it, you can change the assignment rule to set the current user as the owner of the record.

To change the owner you will need to:

1 - Go to Salesforce Setup;

2 - Look for Lead Assignment Rule or Case Assignment Rule and click;

3 - Open the rule that needs to be edited;

3.1 - To create a new rule click on New;

3.2 - Give a Name and Save;

Mark the checkbox to activate.

Salesforce will create the Rule. To create the criteria you will:

4 - Click on the Rule Name;

5 - Click on New;

6 - Fill in the fields according to the image below:

Entry Rule

Sort Order


Run this Rule if the

Criteria are met

Field: Lead



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7 - Save.

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