Using the Zoom integration is easy.

While chatting with your WhatsApp contacts, the Tuvis panel uses the powerful Zoom tools with only one click of a button.

Start Zoom Meeting

Enables you to instantly initiate a Zoom video meeting with your customers.

  1. In the Tuvis panel, click the Action button (𓃑)

  2. Then scroll to the end and you will see 'Start video call'

  3. You’ll be asked to confirm starting a Zoom meeting, click the ‘Open’ button.

  4. Your meeting should start.

  5. A meeting link is copied to your clipboard and also to the WhatsApp chatbox, so you can easily invite your contacts to join the meeting.

Schedule Zoom meeting

  1. Click on the calendar icon and schedule the meeting

    with your contact by selecting the video platform that you would like to add to the


2. After clicking 'Save meeting' your meeting will automatically be saved in

Salesforce and you can also add it to your Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar.

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