We support the option of embedding the Auto-Sync lightning component in community sites. Follow the steps below:

  1. Login as System Admin to Salesforce, and go to Setup > Feature Settings > Digital Experiences > All Sites

  2. Find the relevant community site and click Workspaces

  3. Under 'My Workspaces' click Builder

  4. By default, the first page you will see is the site homepage. From the top-left menu, navigate to the Lead > Lead Details or Contact > Contact Details layouts

  5. From the top-left menu, click the Components button:

  6. Under the Content section, find the "Visualforce Page" option and locate it in the desired position on the layout.

  7. In the 'Visualforce Page Name' field, select the "Tuvis Thread - Lead/Contact" option. Make sure that the height is at least 400px and that the Record ID is set to the default option - {!recordId}.

  8. Click Preview on the top-right, to make sure that the component is showing up properly and in the correct position.

  9. Click Publish

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