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Salesforce - Assign Tuvis Permission Set for Partner License
Salesforce - Assign Tuvis Permission Set for Partner License
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By default Partner Community licenses in Salesforce do not have access to certain types of objects and capabilities that are essential for Tuvis.

As a part of our partnership with the Salesforce AppExchange, installing our Managed Package grants access to all these required parts for these licenses.

To resolve this, the SF admin needs to assign the Tuvis App to these User Profiles in SF:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Users > Profiles, find and click the relevant profiles

  2. Under the Apps section, click Assigned Connected Apps

  3. On the Installed Connected Apps list (left side), find Whatslly and add it to the Enabled Connected Apps list (on the right).

  4. Click Save

Next, the SF admin needs to assign Licenses for the Tuvis Managed Package for the users by following the steps below:

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.

  2. Click Assign Licenses from the Managed Packages list.

  3. Select the package you want to assign to the user. All available managed packages are listed in the Unassigned Packages list. After selecting a package, Salesforce automatically moves it to the Selected Packages list.

    The Unassigned Packages list displays all packages that this user could access if assigned a license. Packages don’t appear on this list if they are unmanaged, uninstalled, in use, or not available.

    • Click a letter to view the packages that begin with that letter or click All to display all available managed packages.

    • Click select shown to select all packages displayed in the Unassigned Packages list on the current page, adding them to the Selected Packages list below.

    • Click deselect shown or deselect all to move packages from the Selected Packages area to the Unassigned Packages area.

  4. Click Add.

Customers might report getting the following error when trying to assign the Tuvis permission set to users with Partner/Community license.

"It is not possible to assign the permission set Tuvis User to user ABC XYZ. The user license does not support the permission: Read all Tuvis Messages”

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