User reports: after clicking the Chat Now button nothing happens.

Root cause 1:

there is more than one WhatsApp tab opened in the browser, so the request to start a chat goes there.


Since WhatsApp only enables you to have the Web App open in one tab, whenever you open it in a new tab the previous one is being disconnected.

So then when the user clicks the Chat Now button - the request goes to the disconnected window in some cases and nothing happens.

How to resolve

Close your browser completely (make sure all windows and tabs are closed), then open Salesforce on one tab and WhatsApp on another tab, and try again.

Root cause 2:

The Agent Panel is closed.


If the Agent Panel is closed, the Chat Now will have no response when you click on it.

How to resolve:

Open the Agent Panel by clicking on Whatslly Icon, on the right-side panel:

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