Tuvis Chat Now button enables agents to start WhatsApp chats with known people in 1-click, right from within Salesforce.

To make the implementation as seamless as possible, Tuvis uses a proprietary algorithm to append the country code to phone numbers, without needing to make any changes inside Salesforce. To help the algorithm and improve its performance, agents and Salesforce administrators can configure the specific countries that the company is operating in.

Agents Settings

  1. Go to WhatsApp and click on the options button, on the top right side of Tuvis panel, then click on Manage Country Codes

  2. Now you can choose the countries you want.

Account Settings

This option enables Salesforce administrators to set up the default country codes for their users. If a user modifies these default settings, his preferences will override the default ones.

  1. In Salesforce, click the App Launcher > Tuvis Engage

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab > Country Codes

  3. Select the relevant counties in the list on the left (Available Country Codes) and move them to the list on the right (Selected Country Codes).

  4. Click Save.


In some cases, the Chat Now button is not showing up to avoid conflicting with other dialing systems that are installed in Salesforce. For these scenarios, we include in our managed package a standard quick action ('Tuvis') that can be added to the lead, contact and account layouts and simulates the same functionality.


In cases when the Chat Now button directs users to a wrong WhatsApp number, please use the 'Chat Now - Testing Tool': Insert the phone number as it appears on Salesforce and click Test. The tool will output information about the routing done by the Tuvis algorithm. Forward this output to the support team ([email protected]) for further investigation.

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