In no case, we do not store your customers' data. is a logging solution we use to monitor user activities in the product, errors, and code exceptions.
The data is being anonymized before sent there, except to User and Account ID's - for investigation purposes only. The location is the US.
In some specific cases, more interaction context about the error/exception in order to be able to investigate it, for example, the action of the user performed, the API error returned from Salesforce, browser information etc.

The data is automatically pruned after a maximum of 2 weeks.

We take measures to prevent sensitive data from being logged at all. In specific cases we must log user data, we always anonymize it. However, there might be cases where sensitive User data will be logged (for example: if SF exception includes it). In all cases, the data is removed after up to 2 weeks. Also here, there’s no way for us to customize or change it because it’s the same configuration for all our customers.

Example of anonymized data:

Every sensitive data - names, emails, phones, tokens.

We basically avoid logging this information, but if somehow they are about to be logged, we remove them or anonymize them (replacing them with hashed tokens that can help us troubleshoot issues.).

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