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Salesforce - Delete WhatsApp messages in Salesforce?
Salesforce - Delete WhatsApp messages in Salesforce?
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  1. Any user that has the ‘Tuvis Admin’ permission set assigned.

  2. Salesforce system admins can add the ‘Delete Tuvis Messages’ custom permission to User Profiles that should be able to access this option.

There are two ways of doing it. With one of them you can delete all messages, and the other you must delete each message individually.

Method 1:

Option 1:

Go to Tuvis Engage app on Salesforce:

On Dashboard tab, Click on View Report that’s inside of Total messages dash, and select the messages you want to delete

Option 2:

If the user has access to this option - in the Tuvis Chats lightning component they should see the trash (🗑️) icon next to each message. Clicking it will automatically delete this message from Salesforce.

Method 2

Still on Tuvis Engage App, go to settings and click on Delete All Synced Messages.

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