1. After installing the Tuvis extension from the
    Google Web Store, go back to WhatsApp Web App and refresh the page. The Tuvis Agent Panel will show up on the right.

  2. Click the ‘Connect Salesforce’ button.

  3. You will need to accept the Terms of Use, and it’s recommended that you will subscribe to receive our updates by email.

  4. Insert your Partner Community username*

  5. Click the ‘Use Sandbox or Custom Domain’ option (below the ‘Connect’ button) and fill in your partner community URL which should look like that: https://some_custom_name.force.com/some_portal_id

  6. Click ‘Connect’.

  7. If you are not logged in to Salesforce you will be asked to do so to complete the authentication process.

  • Please use business emails only. We do not support any free email domains (gmail, qq, hotmails etc) for security reasons and to avoid spam.

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